September 22, 2015

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Time: 7:30 PM Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old business

  • Noise Curfew Reminder - No loudness from midnight to 8am.
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Orders
  • PTDR
    • Lousiville Happened
    • NYC this weekend. Call for cameras.
  • Books by the Banks
    • October 17th
  • Lazor update


Old Bidness

  • Noise Curfew Reminder - No loudness from midnight to 8am.
    • Don't use angle grinders after midnight
  • Hive13 T-Shirt Orders
    • Talk to Elly about T-shirts if you get one or want one
  • PTDR
    • Successful at Louisville. Kevins racer jumping the curb and winning the race for another racer.
    • Shout out for go pro's or other cameras for PTDR.
    • NYC this weekend. Call for cameras.
      • Ian Wilson is driving down in his vehicle and taking people.

  • Books by the Banks
    • October 17th
      • Shoutout for people who want to help.
  • Laser update
    • 3" is actually 3.4". Hive quality.
    • The lid is still an Issue.
    • Z probe will kill someone or the machine.
      • Until Bill or John helps you, stay away from the big lazer. Still working on it.
    • Cooling Done
    • Power Done
  • Thermostat on soda machine
    • Broken. Bring your own soda or be happy with warm soda.

New Bidness

  • Gigabot down
    • Control board shorted out. Need to order another one.

  • Prohost tour
    • Lorin sought out a grant and building a small makerspace at UC, with reciprocation between hive 13 and the makerspace.
    • Scheduled a tour at the hive on the 29th.
    • Second Saturday cleanup to make the place look nice, maybe monday cleanup ontop of it.
  • Makerfest
    • Marcus invited us to Makerfest to help bring makerspaces to kids. Help teach teachers to teach students.
  • Hosting events on wednesday?
    • Interest in doing a mod 'minecraft' night, maybe 3d printing on it?
      • How kid friendly is our space for this
    • Start small, start in the lounge, work our way up.
    • James teaches super saturday program, and says they will stay focused because they want to be there.
    • What is the liability for little kids for the hive?
  • Kirk Starting welding classes again


  • Ryan- President- Pretending to be a president. Power tool drag racing and the displays.
  • Chris- Visitor- Augmented virtual reality, mind body fitness, meet fellow geeks.
  • New Guy- Visitor- Chris drived him here
  • Hodapp- working on photos, going to chicago and settling some scores.
  • Nick- Visitor- student at NKU. Broke a lot of things at house.
  • Ted- Visitor- Student at NKU. Breaks his grandmothers lazers. Hoping to become a member.
  • Unknown member- Visitor- Inaudible
  • Kirk- Metal Warden- Working with webgl. Playing with drones.
  • Brent- Put rainguard on vehicle.
  • Ken- Recouperating from PTDR from Louiville.
  • Kevin- Fun weekend at PTDR. Wife beat him. Trying to get an amp hooked up to PA system for PTDR.
  • Brad- Working on Mill, BIRTHDAY TODAY!
  • Joseph- Basic audio circuit design
  • Doug- Visitor- From out of town for training.
  • Franklin- Helping with power tool drag racing. Won extreme prize for his toaster.
  • Dark Ian- CTO/Lounge Warden- Done nothing hacking due to moving into a new apt.
  • Nancy- Kitchen Warden- DO YOUR DISHES. Inspected tank on bike.
  • Brad- Maintenance on truck.
  • Peter- No time to play.
  • Micha- Rasp2. building a battlebot.
  • Dustin- Boring stuff
  • Ivan- Part time stuff at work, so more time at hive.
  • John- Setting up display for work with blinking lights.
  • James- Coding 10hrs a day, then herding cats. Teaching Pi2 class.
  • Bill- Upgrades Carceshian to a polar machine.
  • Marcus- Institutional member, devoted to wife. Coordination makerfest.