September 24, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Jim
    • Louisville this Saturday. HD chipped in 250$ parts. Columbus has 1000$+ prizes for the 3 winners. Scrambling to finish the Christmas tree stand by Friday. Needs large van or truck to transport stuff. Jason and Jim are planning on going on Saturday, setup in the morning, goes all day. Columbus race is October 13th. Cincinnati race is October 19th.

New Business

  • Marcus
    • Just got an email that the simple boards will be here by Friday. Anyone interested in going to the Columbus to practice how it will go during the Cincinnati maker faire?
  • Shaddoxx
    • laser cutter is configured properly, though the z-axis motor seems to be going out or needs to be reconfigured. Suggests putting a service log page on the wiki that gets updated anytime anyone changes things on the laser cutter.
  • Jim
    • need people to better document how to use the items here so they are not getting broken
  • Jon
    • Plumbing issue - broken pipe in the bathroom. Currently there is a hose running to the kitchen sink (fresh water). Attempting to contact the building manager. May need to pay for it out of pocket if we can't get ahold of them.


  • Jim (m)- working on christmas tree stand for power tool drag racing
  • Koi - nexus 7
  • Dave L(m) -
  • Tiffany (m)-
  • Elly (m) - Laser printer, updating etsy store
  • Chris - 2nd time here,
  • Tom - 2nd time here
  • Dave M (m)
  • Hodapp (m) - playing with logical analyzers
  • Paul (m) - media center computer
  • Jon (m)- hosted family
  • Jason (m)
  • Marcus (m) - shipped 24 electronic puzzles for a treasure hunt this weekend
  • Shaddoxx (m) - made a new track
  • John S - 2nd time here, wants to help with woodworking stuff
  • John R - new, wants to make a cnc machine for the makerfaire
  • John F (m) - needs RFID, gps wristband
  • Elizabeth (m)
  • Jim (m) - wants to make keyboard light up to play chords.