September 27, 2016

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.



  • New Noise Curfew - Quiet hours are 10:30pm to 7am until further notice.
  • Liability waivers must be legible.

Old Business

  • Bylaw revisions
  • Meeting about Cincy makerfaire
    • Will, Dustin and Elly met yesterday; have some key points to discuss tonight.
  • Books by the Banks
  • The pallet racks arrived
    • Maybe move things this Saturday? (this is a stretch goal)

New Business

  • Makerfaire:
    • LTS parts - need to be ordered, we have at least enough for 100
    • 3 spaces as usual
      • LTS - need soldering irons (maybe bring some bad ones to loan)
      • Cool hive member projects
      • Activity - interactive and focused. Please brainstorm, want to solidify this idea by Sunday.
    • See spreadsheet to sign up
  • Makerfaire after party
    • Hosted by the Hive - Saturday October 8th, evening
    • Dual purpose: 1. To reward our members, recharge for Sunday and CELEBRATE! 2. To make connections with other cool makers that we met at our booth or who were working the faire (not businessy)
    • Making flyers ONLY to give to interesting people, NOT everyone (we want less than 50, not a rager)
    • We will need 2 - 4 members "working" the event to help host (Elly will for sure be one)
    • Food and drinks provided (within reason) a vote will be called by tomorrow to approve this
      • Hopefully will make up some costs with a suggested donation
    • Contacting upstairs neighbor for noise that night
  • First Saturday Cleanup - October 1
    • Preparing for makerfair after-party
  • New member user guide (welcome packet)


Old Business

  • Bylaw Revisions
    • We'll be having a meeting afterwards to discuss
    • Also discuss on the mailing list
    • Posted by Saturday, Oct. 1.
    • Don't piss off Greg, he'll remove the comments
  • CMMF
    • Defer to New Business
  • Pallet Racks
    • Defer to New

New Business

  • CMMF (Oct. 8-9)
    • Order L2S parts
      • Poke Dave B.
      • Enough to do 100
      • Will need to borrow soldering irons
    • 20'x30' space in a building
      • L2S
      • Cool Hive Projects
      • Interactivity
    • Dustin made a spreadsheet
  • CMMF After-party
    • Look ^^^ up above for more info.
  • First Saturday Clean-up
    • Oct. 1, ***THIS SATURDAY***
  • Laser's lens caught on fire
  • Pallet Racks
    • Stretch Goal for Oct. 1 cleanup.
  • Game Night this Friday


  • $300 CNC vote


  • Greg - more painting of truck, final Christmas light circuit order done (still needs to build boxes), got circuit talking to Pi, peened and sharpened scythe (it'll cut fingers quite readily)
  • Jon - inspected toasty laser, forgot all his shit, crashed his bike
  • John - not anything too insteresting, electromagnetic finite element analysis, embedded systems programming
  • Hodapp - homework, fixing tripod, now an anteater made out of scrap metal
  • Steve - OpenMMS, starting to get it
  • Joe - first time - help design cardboard robots for you create
  • Dustin - build cardboard robots that will box at the CMMF.
  • Ryan - spray-painted metal room, got overspray on the actual job
  • Kevin - logistics for CMMF, fixing Ryan's mess
  • Elly - welcome packet, CMMF logistics, bylaws shit, made curtain, commission to make cookies for kid's b-day party
  • Kaylee - buried in studying bioorganic chemistry, paper, wants to learn to solder
  • Clay - new - busy deploying network across city, fix exhaust leak on bike, figuring out horn short
  • Tim - homemade crossbow coming along, see how salvageable nine-year-old laptop is
  • Nancy - went to comic expo, people-watch (always a shitshow), picked up pieces of stuff for her bike
  • Mary - repeat guest - knitting and sewing
  • Karensa - visited quasok materials by Kenwood, had things there
  • James - built a quadcopter, set up for autonomous flight, crashed, try again
  • Kyle - focusing on moving, mumble, mutter, CMMF
  • Katie - worked expo, saw a friendly face, met a semi-animatronic Babbage
  • Matt - research on cutting granite
  • Will - finished some small projects, first regular Game Night for this Friday, shortened a too-long thumb
  • Andrew - built a couple of docks to dance on, added a circuit in his garage, hand plane
  • (James) Willey - Shapokeo II (however the fuck you spell that) work
  • Coy - tried to use the CNC
  • Tiff - worked on chest freezer trawler, layout house in Sketchup to tear down wall