September 29, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions



  • ChrisA
  • Paul
  • cjdavis
  • Craig
  • avishaan
  • Dave
  • Jim
  • Mike
  • Tiffany
  • TP
  • Nathaniel
  • starbuck


form 1023 - dave

  • craig - i have the check to pay for it
  • dave - i will work on the form tonight after the meeting

password challenge - craig

  • i think i am the only one with a submission
  • prize is a third hand - donating it to the space
  • demo
    • involves an algorithm that is unrepeatable by an observer
    • algorithm is memorized not any given PIN
  • win!


  • eric the ninja could teach us nice techniques on some weekend day
  • not this saturday
  • possibly next saturday
  • eric


  • ChrisA might not be able to come
  • it is kinda still on if someone wants to come and do it
  • just go through the chapter then go through the example assignments
  • Paul volunteered to hold down the fort until Chris can get here


  • the masks are done. win!
  • if anyone wants tickets, let craig know, we can get them probably
  • is is slightly risque so be warned

console gaming night on the 10th

  • we probably need tvs and a lan

KOIPound - starbuck

  • burners want a MAME cabinet
  • maybe we can barter with them?
  • ChrisA wants one too
  • we will do it as a MAME workshop type of thing
  • burners do a bi-weekly potluck, seems like a good idea
    • every wednesday and sunday they get together and hang out, eat, etc

Ohio Linux Ffest - cjdavis

  • bunch of people went
  • was awesome
  • columbus idea factory is like a hackerspace
    • they rent time on their nice machines
    • S.T.E.M. is a thing they do that is with education, could be a good idea for us to do
    • people from there might like to come visit us
    • did a power-tool drag race, also a good idea, got on the news
    • also worked with "fuse labs"
    • had kits from a robotics class, were wanting to come to our space
    • wanted to teach blender classes, would even pay someone to come
  • freegeek was cool

cincy co-working - cjdavis

  • they currently meet up at venue222
  • run by friend of the Hive gerard sychay
  • maybe they could meet here
  • they pretty much need coffee, bathroom, internet
  • grant has a space still available upstairs that might work for them

luke murray - cjdavis

  • met a guy from lexington at olf with a space called "awesome, inc."
  • very similar
  • luke trying to do all kinds of things like hackerspace, co-working, etc
  • visited us and we should establish a relationship with him

propaganda arm - dave

  • re-institute a committee to do this work
  • we want to establish relationships with other groups like the above mentioned
  • there is a crafty supermarket thing coming in november that would be a good networking opportunity
  • craig - coming up - we can all get in
    • craig is giving a talk about hive13 there
  • dave was at pumpingstationone this saturday and they were having like an open hack night / hackathon

battlebots - nathaniel

  • wyoming high school
  • talking back and forth with the teacher
  • about 15 students
  • teacher will stop by a meeting
  • club meets during daytime at the school, like 3-4
  • competition up in dayton around march

chrisA's wife works with this npo

  • foster kids
  • maybe we could hook kids up with computers
  • - independent living

Next Actions

  • dave - work on form 1023
  • starbuck - contact eric the cabling ninja and find out if he can come on Oct. 10
  • ??? - coordinate console gaming night on Oct. 10
  • starbuck, craig, chrisA - coordinate MAME barter with KOIpound
  • cjdavis - contact gerard about cincy co-works using hive13 space
  • ??? - re-establish propaganda / diplomacy committee
  • nathaniel - continue following up with battlebots people