September 3, 2013

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Remember to volunteer for Maker Faire and/or power tool drag racing
  • Equipment documentation/certification--Mike H

New Business


  • Mike Horwath
  • Ian--mounted LED sign, hooked up rasp pie
  • Jon--started work again
  • Ryan 1.0--Putting in an order in American steal, talk to him if u want to combine orders
  • Jason--worked on car, researched mesh networking
  • Hodapp--moved office
  • Emily--harvested multiple gallons of tomatos!
  • Dan (new)--working on mesh net project
  • Dave--helped friend move winery
  • Eric--guest--security system with camera and rasp pie
  • Tiffany--Brewstand
  • Jason--fixed duck of doom
  • Chris AKA player 2--neighbor in basement, working on 3d motion capture
  • Allan
  • Jim--member--battlebots tournament, busy week!
  • Tyler--m--working on LED strips for apartment
  • Jim--m--working on circuit board game for maker faire
  • Franklin--new kickstarter wallet
  • Wyatt-guest--hardware modification
  • Koi--went to Notre Dame fotball game
  • Jordan
  • Tye
  • Bill Steele--built printrbot simple in 3.5 hrs, also upgraded cupcake
  • Brent
  • Bryan--new member

Remote Attendees


  • Ian--argon tank is low
    • we could possibly use a 2nd welding tank
    • argon/Co2 refill costs about $40--this is under COO discretionary spending
    • new tank would be around $200
    • Disscussion of wehre COO should get gas
  • Ian--we are a 501C(3)--we can use this to get cheaper group buys
    • If you need metal pieces, the upcoming American Metal Supply purchase will take advantage of this.
    • Let Ian/Jon know if you're interested
    • let Ian know if you think we should make a purchase from somewhere in particular