September 8, 2009

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Time: 7:00 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Status Updates / Old Business

  • Jim, Jason - sign up for the insurance (the cheaper one)
  • Dave - schedule meeting to get 1023 finalized and sent in
  • craig - money voting system
  • craig || vendy - order zoomtown
  • kibitz - commence junk wrangling
  • jim - organize trip to EnterTrainMent Junction
  • dave - radio show / podcast stuff - mailing list / wiki
  • vendy - tabletop gaming night
  • nathaniel - get more info on the battlebot project
  • chris - schedule a programming class
  • dave - Halloween Party?

New Business

Items to be Voted on

Assigning Next Actions


  • Intro to Blender 3D modeling -- Craig


  • Paul
  • cjdavis
  • starbuck
  • linville
  • craig
  • tp
  • jim
  • dave
  • hodapp



  • no one has ordered it, yet
  • craig will go ahead and order it (the cheaper one that we chose last week)

Form 1023 Draft

  • dave - i didn't do anything
  • dave and craig - we will finish it

money voting system

  • it is prototyped
  • craig has a spreadsheet - but this is not interactive for everyone
    • will publish a read-only version of it to the list so we can all see it


  • zoomtown is coming one week from today
  • starbuck knows a guy that can bump us up in the queue

entertrainment junction

  • jim can go on saturday (this coming saturday)
    • he will be there from 10a-12a or so at least (they open at 10)
    • we should be able to get a tour behind the scenes, etc
  • cjdavid: halfway to mendelson's, maybe go there too?

halloween party

  • have a halloween party?
  • craig - grant was interested in making it like a "building party" for all the tenants
  • craig - foxydot will be having a big party that same night probably


  • cjdavis: maybe we can kick a few dollars to them as a club
  • they are trying to raise money to make open source t-slot extruded aluminum construction set
  • it might be cool to be associated
  • craig put it on his spreadsheet?

the cnc router


  • jim - vendy suggested maybe use inkjeet cartridges, jim is researching this more

Next Actions

  • craig - order insurance
  • dave - finish form 1023
  • craig - publish read-only spreadsheet
  • starbuck - put haste on our soomtown install