September 9, 2014

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Time: 7:30 PM

Space: Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave.


Old Business

  • Ventilation for welding room
  • Lathe cleaning update
  • NERF Modding class scheduling

Budget & Purchase Votes

  • $700 - (Paul Vincent) Gigabot Heated build platform & insulation
    • Heated platform kit is $613.61 w/ shipping [1]
    • Remaining funds will be used to enclose the build area.
    • Allows us to actually save money by using our backstock of 3mm ABS rather than buying the more expensive 3mm PLA.
  • $360 - (Paul Vincent) for a supply of PLA. This will be a mix of 1.75 PLA and 3 mm PLA. The 3 mm PLA is for the Gigabot while we work on transitioning it to work w/ ABS. This purchase will be for:
    • Rolls of PLA to be available for general use at the Hive for small one off projects. This material will be marked somehow such that it is clear that this is the Hive's "General Supply". Please be respectful of this resource and do not use it for large prints that use a lot of plastic.
      • 2x Rolls of 3 mm PLA
      • 2x rolls of 1.75 mm PLA
    • The remaining funds will be used to buy a mix of 3 mm and 1.75 mm PLA that will be available to be purchased at cost from the Hive for use on larger print projects.
  • $200 - (Jon Neal) Ducting for the woodworking vacuum system.

New Business

  • Build plate Z-alignment issues with Gigabot, solutions proposed
  • Giga build plate vote

New Members


  • shadoxx - motorcycle mods and blinky lights for Makerfaire
  • Chris - bourbon and banging stuff
  • Jason - fixed stuff
  • Barry - back from Defcon
  • Sam - car repairs, capture card
  • Markus - learn to solder
  • Dave - did work son! server went out due to belt in A/C
  • Julian -
  • Val - 3d printed parts for 3d printer
  • Joseph - upgraded membership to FULL (unenthusiastic 'yay' from everyone)
  • Bill - forgot to do laser cutter again. get it together Bill
  • Mike - Harvest faire
  • Tiffany - STILL PREGNANT
  • Nancy - dealing with things
  • Jordon - Arduino
  • Jim - giant friggen battery
  • Brent - first laser cut!
  • Ellie - worked on new banner for Makerfaire, nameplates
  • John - managing DIY-Bio stuff, got space cleared!
  • Paul - working on parts for game
  • Jon - bored meeting, random stuff
  • Ryan - pizza


  • Overview of board meeting stuff, need volunteers for Makerfaire! Unloading at 5:40PM, only have 10 minutes to unload truck onto dock
    • Sam, Ivan, Sam, Jordon, Joseph volunteered to help!
  • Vote for heated build platform for the Gigabot, $700: 16 yes, 0 no
  • Vote for filament budget for Fablab, $360: 15 yes, 0 no
  • Vote for ducting for woodworking area: 15 yes, 0 no
  • John - purgatory, what's the point?
    • Take picture, label item, put on shelf, if still there after a month it's disposed of
  • Markus - short on magnets, ordered more for soldering
    • Supplies for LTS holding steady, batteries used the most
    • Volunteers for LTS station needed, probably need hand sanitizer
  • Bill - brought in new build plate for Giga, need to make sure everyone's profiles are setup to not crash the head into the platform
    • Fixing build plate alignment issues, need new locking nuts for Z-Axis adjustment
  • Chris - donation of commercial laser color printer, need someone to pick up