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Shop Safety Guidelines for HIVE13

Let's Stay Safe

  • Safety is our highest priority. Be a safety buddy. If you see something risky, please say something in a kind and caring way.

o  Hive13 has tools capable of inflicting serious injury.

o  Get safety certified before using requires certification tools.

o  Help make sure we all work safely and go home without injury.

None of us want to clean up after you hurt yourself. :)

  • Stay away from Hive13 if you feel ill or have a fever. It does not matter if it's COVID or something else. Please keep it at home. Get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible.
  • Of course, you may wear a Mask. Though Masks are no longer required as of 6/2/2021, wearing a mask, is allowed and makes sense because of pathogens, dust and stuff in the air.
  • Sign in at the front inner entrance
  • Maintain respectful social distancing
  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughlyPlease keep in mind – We are ALL responsible for the cleanliness of Hive13. Please dust, sweep up, take out the trash, and sanitize areas you have used before leaving.

Project Status

Updates - April 2021.

  • The phones in Hive13 all work for 911. Emergency services know where we are and can get in.
  • There are multiple Fire Extinguishers and First Aid kits around Hive13 - Look for columns marked with the red band.
  • Personal Protective equipment is available at the central PPE station.
  • Take a pair of safety glasses, mark them with your name and keep them safe for reuse.
  • Please dispose of ear plugs in waste cans.
  • Complete this form to report an accidents or injuries.

Project Needs

  • Add a short introduction to important safety rules for each tool area of HIVE13.
  • A process of sharing this information with both old members and new.
  • We all share responsibility for safety.
    • If you see something, say something.
    • Communicate gently with caring to help us all be safe.