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This project will develop Shop Safety Guidelines for HIVE13 As HIVE13 began, it relied on member knowledge to keep ourselves and others safe. As new members join from a variety of backgrounds it is important to share the fundamentals of safety. Why is safety important?

1) HIVE13 has tools capable of inflicting serious injury.

2) We often work alone.

3) We want us all to work safely and go home without injury.

4) None of us want to clean up after you hurt yourself. :)

Project Manager

Dave Velzy


  • Wardens
  • COO

Project Status

Updates - April 2021.

  • The phones in Hive13 all work for 911. Emergency services know where we are and can get in.
  • There are multiple Fire Extinguishers and First Aid kits around Hive13
  • Personal Protective equipment is available at the central station.

Project Needs

  • Complete this form to report an accidents or injuries.
  • Add a short introduction to important safety rules for each tool area of HIVE13.
  • A process of sharing this information with both old members and new.
  • We all share responsibility for safety.
    • If you see something, say something.
    • Communicate gently with caring to help us all be safe.

Project Updates

September 6, 2018.

It's just a start.