Shutdown Procedures

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Building Alarm

Building Alarm is On from 10 pm to 7 am - You will know if the alarm is triggered - It is loud - The police will come

  • Use the front door (RFID door) to enter and exit.
  • Stay in the stairwell. Elevators are off limits. The 1st and 2nd floor have hidden sensors.
  • There is a $100 building fine for tripping the alarm.


  • Return any tools you've used to their proper locations.
  • Store your project in your storage area if possible. Otherwise label it with a Parking Pass with your name and contact information, the current date, and the date you intend to return.
  • Shop vac your work surface and sweep the floor if necessary. Brooms are by the Elevator door.
  • Take the trash to the compacter on the first floor - Empty small trash cans into the pink trash drum and the plastic dumpster. If the drum or the kitchen trash are full, place the full bag in the compacter and replace the bag. Empty bags are in the kitchen storage shelves in the front.
  • Ensure the stairwell doors and elevator gates are locked. Ensure the big red fire door lock pin is in place.
  • Turn out the lights! On the third floor and on the first floor receiving docks. The light switches for the east end of the third floor are by the middle elevator. The Wood Shop lights are by the rear elevator at the west end of the 3rd floor.
  • Close the front stairwell door on the way out.
  • Tool borrowing: Do not remove tools from Hive13. Less than Excellent Tool borrowing caused us to Tighten Tool Borrowing. 2023.09.12 Tools may only be Borrowed with Advance Permission of the Warden or Member of Leadership and only then posted on SLACK _borrowed_tools so others know!

Woodworking Shop

  • Unplug stationary tools if the cord is in the way, otherwise leave them plugged in.
  • Return all tools to original location, and status (put drills back in cases on shelf, lower the blade on the table saw, put original blade/band/sanding pad back on tool if you changed it for your project, etc.)
  • Shop Vac sawdust from work surfaces and stationary tools
  • Sweep floor if debris was left
  • Return unused wood to appropriate storage (personal, scrap bins, shelves, etc.)

Metal Working

  • Leave vent fan running if fumes remain in metal room. Otherwise, turn the vent fan off.
  • Close the welding gas valves
  • Vacuum or brush chips off machining tools. (use paintbrush located on the vertical mill stand)
  • Turn off air compressor's blue valve, and turn black switch upwards to "OFF".

CNC Area

  • Vacuum any dust or metal shavings from the machines.
  • Clear CNC machine surfaces. These are not work tables.

Electronics Work Area

  • Tidy the workbenches - place tools in their proper locations and brush any wire scraps on work surfaces into the trash.
  • Ensure multimeters and other tools are turned off. Leaving them on can quickly drain their batteries.
  • Turn off the power strips

Fab Lab

  • Turn off the laser cutter and 3D printers if they are not in use.


  • Make sure projector and receiver are off.


  • Store food in the cabinet or refrigerator, or throw it away. Don't feed the Hive Mice.
  • Rinse any used dishes and place in dishwasher. Run the dishwasher if it is full.