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This is a list of wiki users who have posted skills to their userpages:

User Skills They Have Skills They'd Like To Learn
Chris ComputerHardware, Linux, VOIP, Cooking Reversing, LockPicking, Soldering, OpenSCAD, Blender, MAME
Craig Reverse Engineering, Assembler, Exploit Development, Penetration Testing, C/C++, Ruby, Android, PHP, Linux, Linux Kernel Development, Lockpicking, Blender, Inkscape Hardware Hacking
DaveMenninger MakerBot, OpenSCAD, Arduino, Wiki, PaperMaking, ScreenPrinting Welding, Sewing, SoapMaking
Jim Machine Design, CAD/CAM, CNC, NC programming, Woodworking, Blender Electrical Engineering
Mark Kelly Advanced Blender, Advanced SketchUp, Basic Arduino, Basic Soldering, Basic C/C++, Intermediate Sewing, Basic Woodworking, Basic Bicycle Repair, Basic Bicycle Maintenance, Basic Bicycle Upgrades, Intermediate Bicycle Tourist, Intermediate Bikepacking, Intermediate Urban Backpacking 3D Printing
Ralphw C/C++, Linux, Java, User Interface, Wiki, Soldering OpenSCAD, Laplace Transform, Sustainable Ecology
Reportingsjr Brazing, C/C++, Electronics design, Linux, PCB Etching, PHP, Python, Soldering CAD, Welding, Woodworking Tools
Xio2 PHP, Ruby, Reason, FL Studio, Renoise, Traktor Pro, Photoshop, Freehand Pencil, Various Hand Tools, Nail Gun, Table Saw, Miter Saw, Lathe Android, Arduino, C/C++, Monome, Drones & RC Helicopters, Screen Printing, Freehand Charcoal, Welding, Casting/Molding, Air Brushing/Spray Painting, Sustainable Ecology, Algae, Chemical Extractions and Reactions, Biofuels

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