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This server is what all of our internets go through.

This server went live sometime in late November, 2012. It is running stable as of December 2012.

Server specs:

  • HP Proliant DL360 G3 - 2x dual core Intel Xeon CPUs @ 2.8GHz (no VT extensions)
  • 4x1Gb = 4Gb RAM ECC DDR Registered
  • 2x 18.2GB 10K hot swap rpm SCSI drives RAID1 (we have spares)
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supplies. (we have two spares, too!)
  • Two 1 GBit/s NICs (bge0 and bge1) currently unusued due to bug in the old FreeBSD kernel used by pfSense.
  • Two 10/100 NICs in PCI (fxp0 and fxp1) currently used for WAN and LAN
  • Future expansion may include using the Sun QBE Quad GigE card in lieu of one of the fxp cards. This is not being done currently because (gasp) driver issues in the old FreeBSD kernel used by pfSense.
  • On a UPS for power backup, estimated 30-45min of backup power available

Operating System:

  • pfSense 2.01 / FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p6
  • File system:
    • / - 4GB
    • /stuff - 8GB (for running whatever such as caching programs or intrusion detection)
    • swap - 4GB

Services Provided:

  • IP Firewalling and NAT for Hive13 network
  • DHCP ( through range)
  • DDNS ( currently )
  • (Planned) Snort IDS