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Hive13 Project
Inventory Methods
Status: Completed
Start Date: 11/20/2009


Ever since equipment and parts started arriving at the hackerspace there has been discussion over how people know what we have, and where it is. Since the opening of the space, we have become slightly more organized (dedicated tool shelving unit, labeled boxes). However, we still have a good ammount of work to do in this regard. Also, it would be nice if there was some way for people to "Check Out" tools or equipment.

Goal of the Project

The end goal is to have some systematic way of logging what physical resources we have available in the space and a method for accounting where they are currently located. Whether this is done through a physical notebook, an online database, or a local program on the network it just needs to happen.

Project Lead


Project Contributors

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Requirement Wishlist

  • Easy to add items
  • Category for Tools, parts, equipment, etc
    • What categories do we need? Is a Pentium I computer "Equipment" or "Parts" or just "Computer"? Maybe have hierachal categories or tags // labels? an old computer could be labeled, "Computer" "Server" "Broken" "Parts"
    • Here's my (Hodapp's) take on that:
      • Production: Don't f*#$%ng touch this without asking the owner when he or she is sober.
      • Loan: It's here, but expect it to be reclaimed by its owner.
      • Staging: Mess around on it, but don't completely repurpose it.
      • Scrap: Either does not work, or does work and is basically useless (e.g. a 486, a Furby), but is kept around for some salvage use.
      • Death Row: Headed for the garbage (or someplace besides here) in N days if no one claims it.
  • Ability for people to "Check Out" tools
  • A method for stating the objects home location
  • A method for stating the objects current location
  • Object "Owner" and permissible uses defined by the owner, maybe other things that just the owner can define?
    • Ex. object is a decent server, "Owner=Hive13" "Uses: Do not scavenge parts from this machine."
    • Ex. object is a welder, "Owner=JimboJones" "Uses: Please ask for help before using unless you have been signed off on this tool"
  • Instructions for how to use the item, or notes from trying to use the item
    • Links to soldering guides on the soldering iron
    • How to properly clean up the paint gun after use
    • What part of the server to kick when it won't start
    • Any prior calibration or configuration
    • If it didn't work, what did people try?


  • Database driven website
    • We code our own.
    • We find an online solution and host it ourselves
    • We find an online solution and use their hosting.