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Why we come to Hive13
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(Why we come to Hive13)
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= Why We come to Hive13 =
Hive13 is a community of makers. For some of us, Hive13 is our hobby, something we do for fun. We work on our own projects. Some members use Hive13 tools for outside classwork or business.
We also come to Hive13 to participate in the maker community. As part of that community we work together on Hive13 projects that improve the space.
As a community, we try to; Be excellent to each other. Fix stuff that's broken. Clean up more than just our own mess. In short, make Hive13 a better place.
Hive13 members have complex active lives: Family, jobs, school and home projects all come ahead of Hive13. For those reasons, Hive13 rarely operates on a firm schedule.
Most Hive13 members tend to be self-educating or autodidacts. Meaning we believe we are each personally responsible for our own education. That said, no one learns much in a vacuum. Hive13 wiki pages are a possible starting point for study materials. We each are responsible for our own education.
Though we come to Hive13 to learn, Hive13 isn't a school. Formal classes take time and effort. Which makes teaching = work and teaching <> fun. Members occasionally volunteer to share what we know when we have the time and interest. More often we share because we like to sit around and talk. Again, this is why classes are not on a firm schedule.
= What You Are Paying For =
= What You Are Paying For =



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