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(Linked youtube video is for the metal bandsaw.)
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= General Information =
Band length is xx.
Good blades to keep around:
(taken from this thread:!)
"There are a lot of different bandsaw blades and it is easy to feel like you need a different blade for every cut but I find you can do most of your cutting with 3-4 blades:
1. 1/2" 3 TPI Hook, if for a low HP 14" cast clone I would get a .022 gauge Woodslicer et al
2. 1/4" 6 TPI skip or hook
3. 1/8" 14 TPI standard
4. If you have a saw that can tension a bigger blade add a 4th blade, the biggest blade it will tension, hook, variable pitch in the range of 2-3TPI or 1.3-3 TPI (note the Lenox Woodmasters I mention below are NOT available in variable pitch smaller than 2" but they still do a great job in non-variable pitch)
For a cast clone I would get the 1/2" in a hardened spring steel as mentioned but the 1/4" in bimetal and the 1/8" in carbon. If you do a lot of resawing on a cast clone I would try a thin gauge 1/2" bimetal blade maybe a .025 4 TPI hook Lenox Diemaster 2.
For steel spined saws all the blades (except the 1/8") would be bimetal unless you want to spend the money on a carbide resaw blade.
Specific recomendations:
For smaller than 1/4" blades I like Starrett carbon
For 1/4"-1/2" general purpose I like the bimetal Lenox Diemaster 2
For 1/2-5/8" resaw blades I like the spring steel Kerfmaster, Woodslicer Bladerunner, again these are recommended for 14" cast clones
For 3/4" and up resaw blades I like four, the Lenox Woodmaster B (bimetal only in 1" and up), Lenox Woodmaster CT (carbide 1" and up), Lenox Trimaster (carbide 3/4" and up) and the Laguna Resaw King 3/4"-1 1/4". The Laguna has the benefit of being the only one that you can get resharpened. "
Also: (taken from this thread: )
"Generally, most people like the Timberwolf series of blades; Olsen also makes good blades. Both are available at Woodcraft, and are often on sale. I have some of both and they each do a fine job.
As for which size, typically you will want to run a 3/4 inch blades at 3 tpi, or a 2/3 tpi "skip raker" blade. Either will work, but resawing will challenge your saw and yourself - proper saw setup &tuning is a must, along with blade tension.
Smaller blades for doing radius like for bandsaw boxes - get a 12 or 14 tpi blade, and then dress the back of it so you can turn the radius without the square edges digging in."

= Gallery =
= Gallery =

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