Steel City Table Saw

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Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: HV0098
Make/Model: Steel City 35618 (google)
Arrival Date: 2/2014
Does it work?: No
Certification Needed?: Yes
Contact: Not in Service
Floorplan: Dungeon
Manual: Manual

End of Service at Hive13

This saw was taken out of service as of September 15th, 2021 and replaced with a new SawStop PCS Table Saw. The Steel City saw is still functional, and is scheduled to be sold to help offset the cost of the SawStop.


The table saw is completely operational, but it could do with some touch ups!

The nut holding the blade requires a 22mm wrench. The nut holding the splitter requires a 16mm wrench.


  • Finish Dust collector so the saw doesn't end up filled with sawdust again.
  • Resurface the table top to get rid of the rust and make it flat again.

Riving Knife Options

  • BORK ($150) [1]
  • MJ Splitter [2]

Work Log

14 February 2014

  • Was purchased for $700. Approximately 4 years old at time of purchase and had been in storage for a while and had a small leak above it. Some rust on machine as shown in images.

Late February

  • Bearings and belt were purchased by Hutch for ~$87.
  • Ryan and Jon disassembled most of the saw to do maintenance such as remove surface rust and replace the bearing for the blade mount.

10 March 2014

  • Ryan and Jon finished assembling the outfeed table and fence so the saw has been completely put back together.
  • Jon replaced the short ~2m power cord with a ~3.5m cord for $23.

2 May 2014

  • Jon called Steel City Tool Works to find out about a replacement table wing and a saw blade cover.
    • New table wing is $197 retail (they accidentally told me that the dealer price is $58.41 though!!)
    • Saw blade cover (which includes a riving knife, etc) is $68.71 retail.

<gallery> File:Steel city saw arrival.jpg|The saw when it arrived. Outfeed/fence table not pictured. File:Steel City table rust and pitting.jpg|Close up of rust and pitting on the table of the saw. File:Steel City saw free sawdust.jpg|There was a ridiculous amount of sawdust in the saw. File:Steel City saw trunnions.jpg|Looking down on the huge trunnions. File:Steel City saw gear rust.jpg|Rust on the blade height adjustment gear thing. File:Steel City saw gear cleaning.jpg|User:Ry13 wire brushing rust off of the blade height adjustment gear thing. </galley>