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X-Plate Assembly

I spent a few hours tonight attempting to get Bill's old CNC working using the new stepper motor controller.

Unfortunately, it appears that Bill's stepper motors are only rated for six volts -- something that our KStep can't handle (its working voltage is 12-48V).

Ryan has a Sanguinololu that he's willing to give to the cause to see if it will work. I'm unaware if we can drive the 6V stepper motors with the Sanguinololu, so, I'll ask Jon the next time that I see him.


Ian Wilson (talk) 01:23, 20 January 2014 (EST)

Moore Gear

I spoke with Diane from Moore Gear. The pieces of Moore Gear are $58.10 per five foot segment. We will need six segments for our machine. This is something that they stock in-house, has no lead time, and takes two days to ship (according to UPS'es website). I will order the parts on Thursday or Friday after I send them our paperwork.

Base Cost: 290.50 Shipping: 76.01 Total: 366.51