Technology Committee Meeting - January 29th, 2022

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Technology Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info

Online via Google Meet. Saturday, January 29 · 1:30 – 2:30pm


Attendance: Drew K, Chris D, John C, Dave V

Web site concerns

  • Outreach would like some changes to the web site template
  • Evaluate permissions list

Review Last Month’s Notes

  • Need a calendar of important events for leadership (like when to renew azure credits).
  • We did not touch on Discourse Migration & an Intweb Replacement
  • Heath & Chris (maybe) will turn the Intweb replacement requirements that Dave V had put together on post-its into a digital list/wiki page so that requirement discussion can be a bit more asynchronous.

Other Notes

  • Chris D is editing the web site template to include up to date info on the current pandemic-related closure
  • There are some basic wiki maintenance procedures that more people should be familiar with. We will be scheduling this and potentially coordinating with outreach to make this accessible.
  • We covered how to add permissions to post to the #announcements channel. John C will make sure that is up to date.