Technology Committee Meeting - October 29th, 2022

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Technology Committee Meetings
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Meeting Info


Saturday, October 29th · 1:30 – 2:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 484-452-4674‬ PIN: ‪407 403 574‬#
More phone numbers:

In Person:

Hive13 Conference Room

Agenda - Previous

  • Infrastructure Folder in Google Drive
  • PostgreSQL ETL account for intweb-to-tendenci (in-progress)
  • VPN (P2S) access for Azure/Hive13 subnets

Agenda - New

  • Work with Jim D. to get infrastructure services managed by Hive13 resources
    • SendGrid
    • MQTT Service
    • Domains: &
    • account
    • Discourse Bot (currently running on a DO Droplet)
  • Tendenci Progress
  • Parking lot security cameras?


Attendees: Chris Davis, Dave Velzy, John Clark, Ryan Anderson, Tim Gregg

Action Items

  • Chris Davis
    • Adjust closer on front door at street level so it doesn't slam shut & harm electronics
  • Dave V.
    • Ask 2701 building owners about parking lot security
  • Hodapp, in absentia:
    • Enable "newsletter" email setup for Tendenci. Velzy is reporting that certain kinds of emails aren't sending, and my guess is that this is why.
    • Look into issues Jack was having with library software not even trying to send emails
  • John C.
    • Look research possibilities for installing an RFID read on the new elevator door
  • Ryan A.
    • Tendenci database data dictionary / reverse engineer - See if a tool can generate an ERD or data dictionary from the Tendenci PostrgeSQL DB. (Tim: try Power Bi?)
    • Update on-prem network switch login credentials (2 switches)