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The Hive is bordered on the west by a very large train yard. The trains braking on the tracks makes some very interesting and musical noises. This project aims to record a large sample of this ambient music, with the goal being to do something cool with it. This will likely involve collaborations outside the Hive as well as internally.

Project Manager



  • Vendy
  • This project needs more contributors!

Project Status

Inactive This project is in the early organization and brainstorming phases. No physical work has been done yet.

Project Needs

  • High quality omnidirectional microphone.
  • Multiple directional microphones?
  • Some kind of system to record and store very large raw sound input to be processed later.

Project Updates

August 30th, 2009 - Created Page, Started Planning

I've been kicking around this idea since we opened the Hive's doors the first time. After a couple conversations during the Grand Opening I've decided to start organizing the project in earnest. My intention is to have two branches to the project once we get a satisfactory set of recordings made. The first branch will find interesting sections of the recorded trainyard sounds without any postprocessing. The second involves finding a method to isolate distinct "notes" of the brake noises, and doing something cool with them.


  • None yet.