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Jim Dallam

Hi: I am currently serving as the HIVE's president. As such, my efforts are to grow

the HIVE and encourage members to make and publish great group and individual projects.

We all want to have fun and do cool and significant things with other great people.

It is all about being excellent to each other.

I'm always open to hear and learn what you'd like to see the HIVE be and do in

the coming year. I am generally available to chat with individuals and small

groups for your inputs and ideas, big and small.

What projects, events, speakers, classes, and tools do you want to see this year?

What would make our space and organization be even more excellent?

HIVE13 Projects

Hive projects I'm working on:

Other Projects

Other projects not directly related to the HIVE


  • Machine Design
  • CNC
  • NC programming
  • Woodworking
  • Blender

Skills Wanted

  • Electrical Engineering