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My name is Kevin McLeod.

I am currently the Hot Crafts Warden and have previously been the Woodworking warden, Welding Warden, and the Machining Warden. I was also the Hive13 Secretary for the 2019-2020 year. When Hive13 moved from 2929 Spring Grove Ave. to 2701 Spring Grove Ave. I led the majority of the design efforts and much of the buildout effort for the new space.

I use my real name on discourse and on slack, so it should be easy to find me if you need. Feel free to reach out with questions or for help with projects, I love to help people and share any knowledge I have.

I have led many hive improvement projects and votes over the years, including:

  • Building the large work tables we have around the space
  • Building the welding tables
  • rebuilding and retrofitting the Roland CNC mill
  • Designing the floorplan, electrical system, and buildout plan for our move into the 11,500 sq. ft. space in the 2701SG building
  • Installing the wood shop dust collection system in 2701
  • Adding exhaust and makeup air ventilation to the paint booth
  • Building the hot crafts are from the first donation of a single small glass torch up to the full room of glass, ceramics, and jewelry activities it is today