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My name is Kayla! In case you're curious, my last name is pronounced "Look-ah-vee-et-ski"
I'm the 2021-2022 Hive13 President. I was also the 2020-2021 Hive13 Secretary
I host the (currently on hiatus) Cooking the World events and also help out with Needlecraft Night sometimes!
You can normally find me in the hot crafts area, making tiny glass things, or attempting to enamel. I'm also trying to get into making stickers!
I dabble in photography (though go through stages of abandoning my camera and forgetting everything I know) and recently taught myself Inkscape!
I'm often accompanied by a rambunctious child named Rigby and a mustachioed man named Kevin. They're pretty swell
You'll probably recognize my laugh. It's loud, and unintentionally obnoxious.
I would like to pet your dog. I also have a big lovebug named Jekka. I will probably want to show you photos of him.

Cooking the World (CTW)

Cooking the World is a lot of fun. It normally goes a little something like this

  • On good old Wikipedia, there's a list of National Dishes for (almost) every country. It may be something that's actually been declared to be a national dish, or just a commonly accepted one.
  • We pick a country and then cook their dish!
  • I'll post the recipe ahead of time, with whatever ingredients I don't have readily available.
  • If you want to pick one of them up, great! That saves me having to grab it. If it's something that requires action ahead of time (like marinating, or soaking rice overnight, for example) then I'll take care of that and bring it with me.
  • About 2-3 days before the event, I'll verify that we have everything we need taken care of, and try to get a head count, in case the recipe needs to be adjusted for the amount of people coming.
  • Then we cook it! We listen to music from that country, and I usually end up blabbing about random facts about said country.
  • After we make the dish, we discuss what could be improved and what worked.
  • It's a lot of fun, a great chance to learn about other cultures, and eat delicious food! I definitely plan on resurrecting it once Hive13 has a functional kitchen again!