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Melissa, Mollie (doggo), and myself about a year before moving to Cinci

Name: Ralph Blumberg (Wreck it?)

Hive Stuff: Fab Lab Warden, Helping with lasers

Hive Projects: RFID Door Stuff, Shapeoko Revival?, Fab Lab re-organize

Join Date: June 2019

Skills: Drones, Tinkering, MechEng(by day), FDM 3D Printing, 3D CAD (Fusion360, among others)

Interests: DIY Electronics, Drones, Home Automation, Video games, Homebrew beer(on hold, temporarily), stuff (tm)

Personal Projects on my list: Homework, Presence detection (bed / kegerator), DIY RC Aircraft, Automated garden, among others.

Major Personal Projects: Multiple drone builds, Automating my house, Breaking drones.

[stolen & modified from Aeons]

We moved to Cinci for Melissa's residency - I helped choose Cinci due to the job market and Hive13 :). This was one of the first places I stopped by after we unpacked.

I'm a mechanical engineer at GE Aviation in Test Facilities (we build the stuff to test next gen aviation engines). I've worked for DoD, Oil & Gas, & consumer electronics.

I love coffee (not for taste) and hate sleeping.

Don't hesitate to reach out and see if I can help break whatever you need to break :)