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Current Woodworking Warden.

Engineer that works for P&G since 1990. Designed, fabricated/constructed, and started up manufacturing equipment for many of the brands that P&G makes and some that we no longer own. :-( My specialty for the last 6 years has been modeling and simulation of packaging and packaging processes. Those models are mostly finite element, multi-body dynamics, and controls simulations. Done a little computational fluid dynamics.

I will try to fix just about anything I own, and love to learn new things. I'm most experienced with woodworking out of the areas in Hive 1 3, but look forward to certifying on everything required for building or repairing things that I'm not equipped to handle at home. I've done a lot of computer programming and dabbled in electronics for years.

I'm a quiet guy, but don't ever hesitate to strike up a conversation. If I can help you with anything you are working on, I'll be happy to help if I have any experience or you need a little brainstorming.