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This page is to document the condition of my Pink Panther pinball machine and the work to improve it.

Pp cab right.jpg
Pp cab flaw.jpg

The outside of the cabinet is in pretty good condition. There are a few scrapes and chips that can probably be covered up.

Pp coindoor.jpg

Grubby little arcade fingers...
(I remember taping up the right coin slot but I don't remember why.)

Pp flakes.jpg

This is the worst of it. The paint on the backglass is really flaking.

Pp leg leveler.jpg
Pp leg bolts.jpg

The legs need repainted with new bolts and levelers.

I'm not convinced that these legs are the original legs. This machine sits very high. I'm not familiar with Gottlieb machines, let alone from this era. Maybe the height is normal?
Measuring the height of front rail, Pink Panther stands 38.5" and the other two machines here are both 36" high.
This machine is a wide-body. Combined with the height, the machine feels massive when you play it. Maybe this is the intended effect?

Pp backbox inside.jpg

The backbox is clean. There are a few electrical issues but we'll get to those on the electronics page.

Pp ac board.jpg
Pp lower cab interior.jpg

AC board
Visually, this machine is very clean but those transformers look a little crispy. I'll want to put a scope on all this to ensure we're getting fairly clean power out of this.

Pp coindoor inside.jpg

A missing coin mech. I think I found the reason for the taped-up coin slot. I'll have to cannibalize one off of another machine.