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Hive13 Project
Open Garage VRL Hive13
Status: Inactive
Start Date: 08/28/2012

Open Garage Vehicle Research Lab



Open Garage Vehicle Research Lab (VRL) is a workshop to analyze vehicle systems, CAN bus, Navigation systems and all vehicle related research. We meet once a month but also develop tools and work on projects throughout the month.

We meet the 2nd Saturday of the Month from 6:30 - 9ish

Project Manager



  • Project Goals
    • Build a research lab that allows multiple students to work simultaneously
    • Build a research lab that allows remote researchers to participate
    • Create a standard format to share information
      • Enhanced ODB2 diagnostic messages
      • CAN bus data per vehicle
      • Ability to flash controllers (j2534[1])
    • Create Hardware and Software to help expedite the analysis process


These are the tasks we would like to complete in order to be at our first release. We need help and volunteers for many of these tasks.

  • CANiTM solder components
  • CANiTM firmware (TODO github link)
    • Add CAN Stub code
    • Add Design an API that could be used as a project map
    • Create driver for CANiBUS
    • Create separate socket for streaming data (CAN packets)
    • Verify diff byte changes are correct (in packet stream on server)
    • Add ELM327 basic monitoring (server driver)
    • Add useful config options per device type (server)
    • Add ability to copy a target packet to a 'work area' for modification and playback
    • Add ability to playback a packet
      • Playback once or on repeated intervals
    • Add ability to just send a custom packet of data
  • Create an alternate UI to CANiBUS that uses some graphical representation
  • Create a visualizer of data
  • Create an example android phone app
  • Documentation
    • Quick start guide to CANbus and CAN Packets
    • Users guide to CANiTM
    • Users guide to CANiBUS
    • Hackers guide to CANiTM Firmware
    • Hackers guide to CANiBUS Server
    • Hackers guide to building CANiBUS clients

Expect this list to change often as development progresses

VRL Hive13 Software

Software tools we have created.

  • CANiBUS - Multi-CAN Multi-User research tool

VRL Hive13 Hardware

  • CANiTM - CAN in The Middle, a flexible, expandible USB tool for monitoring CAN/LIN/ISO busses, injecting data and conducting Man-in-The-Middle attacks

Documentation and Notes

Other Documentation and Notes that might be useful.

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