Vertical Mill Project

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This project is define requirements for and select a Vertical Mill for purchase

Project Manager

Dave Velzy, CNC Warden


Brad Walsh

Kevin McLeod

Project Status

Initiated on 10/30/18 as Big Boy Mill mail list discussion by Brad Walsh

Project Needs

Floor layout including Enco Mill, Big Boy Mill, Lathe, Block Bender, Metal Shear, Beverly Shear, Tool Cabinet, Work Bench 3 Phase power assessment for HIVE13. Dare we use the old 3 phase in the building? How about VFD converters? Between our collective experience and the network of contacts we can have in the area we should learn all that we can.

Definition of requirements. 0) What kind of precision do we really need? Are we looking for a 'teens first car' = beater?, a DRO honda or a CNC capable ferrari? Each increment ramps the costs and learning curve to even touch the mill. 1) New vs Used vs Reconditioned - Tool dealer, eBay, Amazon or CraigsList? We need to explore sources and choices more. 2) 1 phase VS 3 phase - or buy VFD to convert single to 3Ph <$200 per machine 3) Inch vs Metric - Bridgeports are Inch, Chinese are metric. 4) Accessory costs add up: collet sets, vice, boring bars, angle plates and rotary tables... Can we use our R8 collets and other tools with the new mill? 5) If CNC is considered, the controller software becomes a critical element.

Project Updates


New Grizzly Mill Grizzly Mill.jpg Bridgeport J-Head Mill Bridgeport J-Head Mill.jpg