Virtuality 1000cs Restoration

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The Virtuality 1000cs is a Virtual Reality Arcade Platform that sold from 1991 to 1994. It was an immersive gaming environment that used 3D joysticks to track movement of the players and allowed for network play. Only 350 units were created with just 120 being sold in the US. PlayerTwo has 6 of these units.

PM: PlayerTwo

Restoration Plan

Of the six available units we hope to restore 4 of them back to the original working system. With the remaining two (now gutted) we hope to replace the older parts with newer ones and build a new game to be used with these units in Blender.

Action Plan

Make some space to begin working...


Information on these units can be very hard to find. This page hopes to also have a good reference to any documentation that may help in restoration or could be a reference for others to find information on these units.


Original Music Tracks