Warden Meetings/August 4th, 2020

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: March 10, 2020 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM

Next Meeting: September 1st, 2020


Notes for warden meeting? how and who

  1. Old Business: overview of previous meetings & things BPW needs to know
    1. any ongoing initiatives/foci/goals
    2. digital tools and organization - what do we use and what do we like
      1. slack
      2. gsuite
      3. wiki
      4. trello
      5. buzzkill?
    3. Warden budget
      1. happy with current system using google sheets?
  2. Build out goals, timeline, tasks
    1. What milestones do we want to set?
    2. Wiki page for new space buildout and task list?
      1. Date to have 2929 functionality restored?
      2. Current blockers (i.e. electricitiy)
    3. Priority between and within each space
    4. Structure of wards - do we need to adapt with new location?
      1. COO goal:
        1. each space in the hive has a defined warden or COO as POC (create colored map of each ward?)
        2. each "advanced" tool has a owner/POC/expert listed on Wiki
  3. State of the Wards
    1. CNC/Machining
    2. Electronics
    3. Fab Lab
    4. Kitchen
    5. Lounge
    6. Metalworking
    7. Woodworking
    8. Craft/ Sewing
  4. Update the Wiki:
    1. If not already included in warden responsibilities, BPW would like wardens to keep the wiki up to date
      1. can and should clarify scope for this (i.e. Woodworking warden is Woodworking and Vertical Storage
      2. Hopefully, this will be minimal effort to maintain long term (after setting up for the new space).
    2. Clean up wish list pages
  5. Other things?