Warden Meetings/January 26th, 2022

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: January 5th, 2022 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: February 23rd, 2022

Time and Place

Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Virtual (Online only)

To join the video meeting, click this link: http://meet.google.com/kzm-yysu-oav
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial 415-604-0712 and enter this PIN: 413 896 089#


Temporary COVID changes

  • How do each of you want to approach it?
    • Warden hours
      • By appointment?
      • "Warden hours posted?" shows up under all of the wards below.
        • Ideas? Should we revisit after the COVID situation improves
      • Not everything is possible without some in person work
  • Are we missing anything?



  • Get rid of Fablab name, split to "3D printing area" and "Laser Bay"?
  • 3D Printing
    • Safely disposing of 3D resin printer waste?
    • Warden Hours Posted?
  • Lasers
    • Warden hours posted?


  • Warden hours posted?
  • Is Sparks! in addition to warden hours?


  • Storage equipment came in. How's it working out?

Hot Crafts

  • Last blower ready to be installed in vent hood, need a helping set of hands to put it in place
  • Thoughts on make-up air? too easy to forget the window
  • Need to get big kiln ventilation sorted out, the folks who had been getting ceramics set up seem to have abandoned it

Welding Shop

  • Welding Carts
  • ventilation
    • blower and hose make table unusable
    • hose doesn't reach most of the welding area
    • currently have no make-up air
    • It's really not very adequate ventilation
  • Air hose may be leaking, air compressor runs much more often now
  • Grinding and polishing area
    • need to set up workbenches in nook that has sandblaster
    • needs ventilation/dust collection
    • sand blaster needs dust filter installed, receptacle wired up
  • Purge/remove metal storage, replace with a sawing station (like miter station in wood shop)?
  • Warden hours posted?

Machine Shop

  • Need to add shelves to shelf carcasses and get a bit more organized
  • Better work surfaces? Table or Mobile Workbench carts?
  • Warden hours posted?

Wood Shop

  • Dust Collection Progress?
    • Reportedly very weak at SawStop
  • Can we move the rest of the dust collection stuff out of the wood shop and clean up that table?
  • We could use additional help for wood shop certification
  • Warden hours posted?


  • workday TBD
  • Warden hours - use as regular work days to get/keep things moving?


  • Maybe this role needs to be re-invented.
  • ???

General Use & Other Spaces

  • Paint booth status
  • Photography lounge
  • meeting space

General topics

  • Warden committees vs sub-wardens or un-titled helpers
    • Alternatives to spread the work and get others involved
      • How do we get others involved at the sub-warden level
    • Kayla asked me for ideas about the warden program (John Clark)
      • I'd like to get the thoughts of actual wardens
  • Collecting Certification info
    • Post a list of who can certify which tools near the tools
    • Please post any certifications that you do on Slack
  • New warden areas
    • There is currently no process for creating them
      • Isn't it in the bylaws, COO proposes, and board confirms changes?
    • Ideas?


Start Time: 8:08pm


  • Jackson bj
  • lisa c
  • john c
  • brad w
  • will b
  • kevin m
  • ralph b
  • coy p
  • heath b


  • we do still be under covid
    • how do we get the warden stuff done under covid?
      • virtual meet ups is probably best
      • but also, "officially sanctioned hive13 large meetings" were the stuff that were postponed
    • is virtual warden hours being utilized?
      • well kinda?
      • lisa shrugs
  • wards
    • fab lab is no longer really "the fab lab"
      • should we break it up? what does entail?
      • split up to 3d print ward & laser lab ward --> john will need to check on the bylaws and figure it out
        • heath will be 3d print ward
        • we will probably have to fish for laser war
    • crafts
      • tubzzz
      • need to figure out how many Dave B wants back
      • organization is a focus
      • should we call crafts "cool crafts" because, you know, we have hot crafts?
    • hot crafts
      • blower's ready, just need help. hard to do alone :(
      • would like input on "make-up" air
        • need better solution than to just open window
      • ceramics
        • exploded...
        • and then disappeared
        • 98% done, but not complete because we don't have ventilation done
        • would really like for someone to champion this area
    • welding
      • ventilation also needs to be address here
        • snorkel might be a good idea
        • but we need exhaust air & make-up air
          • you know inert gasses and stuff
      • Air hose may be leaking, air compressor runs much more often now
        • john c noticed this
        • not constant but would hear it come on often
        • kevin noticed some damage to the 3 foot hose reel & quick connect
          • may try swapping these out first
      • grinding & polishing
        • in the plans but no one has grabbed to move forward
        • would like someone to volunteer to make it happen
    • machine shop
      • we need 1 large working surface in there
        • currently have one that was in front of the paint booth in there
        • mobile tool boxes?
        • do we wanna put up a vote for a new table or tool boxes?
        • kevin like tool boxes
    • woodshop
      • dust collection is weak at sawstop
        • but suction at router table is just fine
        • maybe worth looking into flow issues?
      • the planar plug is starting to wear
    • kitchen
      • we need to mark on the wall where the gas goes for the stove
      • kevin will do this now
  • what about the washer and dryer?
    • we'll need to set up all the plumbing and electrical to get these usable
    • currently in working bathroom
  • Jackson is gonna buy some new plugs/cables for the planar & plasma cutter and will be reimbursed
  • warden committees
    • junior warden?
    • extra set of hands/alternate contacts
      • this is the intent. we'll just update whiteboards on alternate contacts
  • jackson working on getting the HAM Radio area set up
    • brad suggests sign on all the equipment (needs to be a certification and FCC licensed)
    • should do demo or tuesday talk on it

there is all kinds of stuff hanging on sprinkler system

this is major fire code violation we need to fix this

End Time: 9:20pm