Warden Meetings/July 29th, 2021

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: September 1st, 2020 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: August 25th, 2021

Ground Rules

    • This is to cover broad strokes, not explain minutæ to each other.
    • We don’t need to get everything figured out tonight.
    • This doesn’t need to take more than 90 minutes.
  2. Take notes on details for your area.
    • I can’t run the meeting and take notes.
    • Ryan can’t either.
    • Hopefully soon, we’ll have a decent sound system in the lounge and can record/transcribe later.
    • Send them to me and I’ll aggregate them into “minutes”.
  3. As we have more meetings, we’ll figure out how to better organize them.
    • I’ll try to get an agenda up on the wiki early and get an outline.
    • Suggestions to streamline the meeting welcome, just shoot me an e-mail.
  4. Stick to the topic at hand.
    • Probably what you want to cover is farther down on the agenda.
    • If I’m a little abrupt at steering us back on track, apologies in advance.


  1. Warden area To Do’s
    1. Signage
    2. Label tools requiring certification
    3. Warden hours, availability
  1. Warden committees
    1. Alternatives to spread the work and get others involved
    2. Concern that the high responsibility is a barrier
    3. Unrecognized multi-area help (McLeod, Velzy, Walsh, Pi, others?)
  1. Need To Do’s
    1. Tool repair / replacement
    2. Find Welding warden
    3. Other?
  1. Where do we need wardens, official or unofficial?
    1. CNC?
    2. Wood Lathe?
    3. Specific Hot Craft areas?
    4. Paint booth?
  1. Other things
    1. Please add your ideas for the agenda. Ultimately I want a sharable agenda.
    2. Purchasing items yourself vs asking me to order them


Warden Committees

  • A chance to hang out with the focus on the specific area.
    • critical that these committee meetings are scheduled.
  • Warden Juniors?
  • People are nervous that "I don't know machine tools, so I could never be the machine shop warden"
    • Comments and ideas needed to fix this
      • More people in person will help a lot
        • Should we have a party?
          • Wardens could demo their area
          • Demos all over the play
          • Probably a saturday kind of thing, end with a partayyyyy

Borked Tools

  • Kevin made a trello for a list of broken tools
    • So there is a system, just have to use it
      • Link to board in Wardens channel

Where do we need wardens?

  • CNC makes sense, but having a warden for every tool is too granular
  • Do we need to split up lasers from the rest of the "FabLab"?
    • Does the Fablab need to be renamed & reorganized