Warden Meetings/July 3rd, 2019

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: June 5th, 2019 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: August 10th, 2019


  1. Review of Action Items
  2. State of Each Ward (put problems in buzzkill)
    1. CNC/Machining
    2. Electronics
    3. Fab Lab
    4. Kitchen
    5. Lounge
    6. Metalworking
    7. Woodworking
      • all tools appear to be functional
      • need to plane down or shim down the workbench vises to flush with the workbench
      • need table saw blades sharpened, maybe a vote for a few new blades soon, some getting to be in rough shape
      • need to finish scroll saw cabinet (locking casters, skirt, drawers, paint)
      • need to work on miter saw, lathe, planer and jointer dust collection
    8. General Areas & Other Activities
  3. Update the Wiki
  4. Ideas for Improvement
  5. Training Classes, Events, and Warden Hours
  6. Any hangups?