Warden Meetings/November 7th, 2018

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: October 3rd, 2018 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: January 9th, 2019

Ground Rules

  1. Don't get bogged down in details.
  2. Stick to the topic at hand.
  3. Take notes for your area and email to wardens@hive13.org afterwards.


  1. State of Each Ward (put problems in buzzkill)
    1. This isn't the time to go into detail about how something's being fixed or what's wrong with it - just that it is broken or being fixed.
    2. CNC/Machining
      1. Made a lathe set of tools; wrench and allen keys. Need permanent location.
      2. Started to design mag mount splash guard for headstock. So coolant is not spun off onto floor.
      3. Disconnected e-Stop from CNC Router. Waiting for feedback. May replace pull stops with buttons at corner.
    3. Electronics
      1. Got a resistance box and capacitor box for test circuits
      2. Got a set of Whia precision screwdrivers for the electronics area. Might want to make a holder.
      3. Someone mounted the probe cables on the frame (thanks).
      4. Organized/cleaned the area a few times.
      5. I'd like to do an intro to electronics class some Saturday.
    4. Fab Lab
      1. Added at least five certified users to Big Laser
      2. Updated Laser wiki
      3. Group effort to replace Exhaust fan.
    5. Kitchen
    6. Lounge
      1. Leak Still Exists? Assumed yes since unaware of anyone climbing above it.
    7. Metalworking
      1. Moved more items to Tool Chest - including cordless charging stations.
    8. Woodworking
      1. fixed planer
      2. surfaced CNC
      3. started working on cross cut sled
      4. working on miter station design
      5. table saw needs some significant love, fence and side table falling apart
      6. need organizer for nail gun ammo stock (Grey Bins?)
      7. vertical storage updated/cleaned out
  2. Update the Wiki
    • For each tool:1
      • basic safety
        • Draft of basics in circulation for comment.
      • basic setup/consumable changes/blade&cutter changes
      • basic use/cuts/modes
      • known good settings (feeds, speeds, powers, materials etc.,)
    • Maintenance
      • What needs to be done every month during clean-up?
      • What needs to be done less frequently?
      • What consumables do we stock?
    • Certified users and trainers
      • This is the canonical source for now.
      • Active development on intweb for certification tracking is something similar to underway, and will hopefully be live before the end of time. We want to only put correct data in it.
      • We need to get trainers to track who's been certified.
      • We need to have the ability make sure uncertified people aren’t using the equipment.
    • Equipment location and status
  3. Ideas for Improvement
    • Incremental Improvement
      • Work Tables? Kevin proposes:
        • 2x2 steel frame, MDF or Steel tops
          • 1X 4'x8' 36" height MDF top for general projects/assembly
          • 1x 3'x8' 36" height MDF top for general projects/assembly
          • 1x 3'x6' 30" height 1/4" thick steel top for sitting TIG welding
          • 1x 3'x6' 36" height 1/4" thick steel top for standing general welding
            • I'd like to see a vice and grinder permanently mounted to these
            • I have nice 6" vice and 8" bench grinder at home I can bring in
            • second grinder could be set up with wire wheel and different grit stone
      • Items
        • Welcome packet - something to hand or email to new members that include the basic guidelines, door code, etc.
      • Questionnaire for visitors
    • Buzzkill - Need access? See Greg afterwards.
    • Training Classes, Events, and Warden Hours
      1. I know that I said any time is fine, but consider Warden Hours on days besides Tuesdays.
        1. CNC Warden hours have been a bust. Certification is not an active pursuit by members.
      2. Any hangups?
  4. Open House