Warden Meetings/October 27th, 2021

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: September 22nd, 2021 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: December 1st, 2021

Time and Place

Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Hybrid (Online and in meeting room)

To join the video meeting, click this link: http://meet.google.com/kzm-yysu-oav
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial 415-604-0712 and enter this PIN: 413 896 089#


  • Any updates or questions from Wardens
  • Warden area old To Do’s
    • Signage - Now should be up in all areas
    • Label tools requiring certification
      • Partially done, I will do further work on this
    • Warden hours, availability, contact info
    • Classes
    • Tool repair / replacement
    • Finding/naming wardens and other help
      • Welding warden
      • Name CNC warden/sub-warden
  • Collecting Certification info
    • Post a list of who can certify which tools near the tools
    • I have started collecting a list of recently certified members
      • Please post any certifications that you do on Slack
  • Warden committees
    • Alternatives to spread the work and get others involved
      • How do we get others involved at the sub-warden level
    • Concern that the high responsibility is a barrier
    • Unrecognized multi-area help (McLeod, Velzy, Walsh, Pi, others?)
  • Other things
    • Please add your ideas for the agenda. This is the Wardens' meeting, not the COO meeting.


Notes in italics

Present: Ralph, John C, Austin, Phay, Dan Marker, Kevin

  1. Any updates or questions from Wardens
    • No topics brought up
  2. Warden area old To Do’s
    • Signage - Now should be up in all area
      • No significant changes - let John know if you have any needs for whiteboards/corkboards
    • Label tools requiring certification
      • John is making progress throughout the hive - let him know if you see a tool that should be labeled.
    • Warden hours, availability, contact info
      • No changes - discussion on warden requirements for warden hours
      • Amphay to consider helping Ryan with welding certifications.
      • Discussed bringing this back (regular hours) but acknowledge that not all wardens have availability/necessity. Acknowledged classes count towards hours.
      • Would be nice to figure out a means to notifying individuals when someone requests a certification.
        • Action: Ralph to review on how to setup slack to notify/ping whenever “certify” or “certification” is mentioned in a specific channel.
    • Classes
      • Discussion on upcoming woodshop basics class – Phay/Austin may be available. Review availability & time slots.
    • Finding/naming wardens and other help
      • Welding warden – see above
  3. Collecting Certification info
    • In progress – no significant changes
  4. Warden committees
    • No changes
  5. Other things
    • Brief discussion on dust collection - need to figure out a long term solution regarding the table saw and maintenance. Plan to document in neat future. Austin plans to help support if no one volunteers
    • Discussion on ceramics and getting support from others
    • For warden hours – try to get your hours on the TV (up front of hive) for those who don’t check slack
    • Discussion on warden reimbursement topics
    • Ask: review tools in your area on the wiki to help motivation. Start with tool list (side column of wiki – link here).