Warden Meetings/October 3rd, 2018

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: September 5th, 2018 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: November 7th, 2018

Ground Rules

    • This is to cover broad strokes, not explain minutæ to each other.
    • We don’t need to get everything figured out tonight.
    • This doesn’t need to take more than 90 minutes.
  2. Take notes on details for your area.
    • I can’t run the meeting and take notes.
    • Ryan can’t either.
    • Hopefully soon, we’ll have a decent sound system in the lounge and can record/transcribe later.
    • Send them to me and I’ll aggregate them into “minutes”.
  3. As we have more meetings, we’ll figure out how to better organize them.
    • I’ll try to get an agenda up on the wiki early and get an outline.
    • Suggestions to streamline the meeting welcome, just shoot me an e-mail.
  4. Stick to the topic at hand.
    • Probably what you want to cover is farther down on the agenda.
    • If I’m a little abrupt at steering us back on track, apologies in advance.


  1. State of Each Ward
    1. This item will hopefully be a quick glance at Buzzkill soon.
    2. Things to cover
      • What isn’t working?
      • What is being fixed?
      • What could use improvement?
      • Remember, broad strokes
        • A list of each thing in a category suffices
        • This isn't the time to go into detail about how something's being fixed or what's wrong with it - just that it is broken or being fixed.
    3. CNC Machining
    4. Electronics
    5. Fab Lab
    6. Kitchen
    7. Lounge
      1. Leak Still Exists? Assumed yes since unaware of anyone climbing above it.
      2. No update on Microscope. Waiting on removal to resetup Admin computer, remainder of AV, and additional bureaucracy items.
    8. Metalworking
    9. Woodworking
  2. Update the Wiki
    • Don't be afraid to just dump info into the Wiki.
      • Greg and Ian keep an eye on the recently changed page list, and are more than happy to organize.
      • Seriously, it makes us happy. We like when people use the wiki. Organizing and wikifying is easy and cathartic for us.
    • Maintenance
      • What needs to be done every month during clean-up?
      • What needs to be done less frequently?
      • What consumables do we stock?
    • Certified users and trainers
      • This is the canonical source for now.
      • Active development on intweb for certification tracking is something similiar to underway, and will hopefully be live before the end of time. We want to only put correct data in it.
      • We need to get trainers to track who's been certified.
      • We need to have the ability make sure uncertified people aren’t using the equipment.
    • Equipment location and status
  3. Ideas for Improvement
    • Incremental Improvement
      • For some things, a good answer now is worse than the best answer later. This is not one of those things.
      • Even if the way something is improved is only a temporary fix, it's still better than the mess.
        • Areas could languish in utter chaos due to no 'good' answer - we don't want that to happen.
        • Understand that someone could come by with a better answer and we end up re-doing the work. Try not to let this bother you.
        • Concurrently, don't do anything permanent (e.g. Drilling holes in the Hive) unless we're confident something is the right answer.
        • Use your head.
      • Items
        • Welcome packet - something to hand or email to new members that include the basic guidelines, door code, etc.
    • Buzzkill
      1. Keep track of improvements and broken things
      2. Any ideas for improvements?
      3. Need access? See Greg afterwards.
    • Training Classes, Events, and Warden Hours
      1. I know that I said any time is fine, but consider Warden Hours on days besides Tuesdays.
      2. Any hangups?
  4. Open House
    • October 13th/20th
    • Pre-requisites
      1. Normal Second Saturday Cleanup things
      2. Signs for each area
        • Kevin and Usman to set broad style
      3. Outdoor signs at doors directing to the correct door
      4. Infrastructure shit
        • Finish Ethernet in Electronics Area.
        • Nicer way of air for the can crusher
    • Food?
      • Potluck? Would reccomend potluck, unless no one from the hive shows up. But then it wouldn't matter anyway.
      • Pizza?
      • Grill out? Having items to grill would be great,because then other potluck items can be finger foods and snacks, etc.
    • Things going on during
    • Alert the membership
      • Direct e-mail blast
        • Unsure if anyone that does not attend the meetings knows if this is happening.
        • Meetup page is created, Facebook page is up. Spread the word.
        • We have an amazing flier that was created. It wasn't taken to the Maker Fair. It needs to be hung up in places that people will see. Need suggestions, people to print and hang, send in emails, or absolutely anything else.
      • Be here if you can
      • Work on a project if it's interesting (ideas?)