Warden Meetings/August 25th, 2021

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Warden Meetings
Previous Meeting: July 29th, 2021 Meeting Procedure

Meeting Time: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: September 22nd, 2021

Time and Place

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Online

To join the video meeting, click this link: http://meet.google.com/kzm-yysu-oav
Otherwise, to join by phone, dial 415-604-0712 and enter this PIN: 413 896 089#


  • Warden area updates
    • Fabric/crafts
    • Hot Crafts
    • 3D printing
    • Electronics
    • Laser
    • Welding
    • Machining
    • Woodshop
  • Warden area old To Do’s
    • Signage - Now should be up in all areas
    • Label tools requiring certification
    • Warden hours, availability
    • Classes
    • Tool repair / replacement
    • Finding/naming wardens
      • Welding warden
      • Name CNC warden/sub-warden
  • Warden committees
    • Alternatives to spread the work and get others involved
      • How do we get others involved at the sub-warden level
    • Concern that the high responsibility is a barrier
    • Unrecognized multi-area help (McLeod, Velzy, Walsh, Pi, others?)
  • Other things
    • Sawstop
    • Open spreadsheet for details and plans
      • Possible entry form for requests
    • Access to Wardens'
    • Purchasing items yourself vs asking me to order them
    • Please add your ideas for the agenda. Ultimately I want a sharable agenda.


start time: 8:00pm end time: 8:55pm

  • classes
    • what's up with them? john needs to get in touch with kevin on this
  • tool repair
    • we might need a corded hammer drill
  • warden committees
    • should we do it?
    • how do we get people interested in being a warden?
  • Purchasing things yourself vs Asking John to buy it
    • John is ok to buy things, but it's ok to buy things yourself. We will reimburse you (when appropriate).
  • Made In Camp
    • Would love to get wardens aligned on what they want to do for it.

from July Minutes

Warden Committees

  • A chance to hang out with the focus on the specific area.
    • critical that these committee meetings are scheduled.
  • Warden Juniors?
  • People are nervous that "I don't know machine tools, so I could never be the machine shop warden"
    • Comments and ideas needed to fix this
      • More people in person will help a lot
        • Should we have a party?
          • Wardens could demo their area
          • Demos all over the play
          • Probably a saturday kind of thing, end with a partayyyyy