Wobble Dado Blade

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No Longer Hive13 Equipment
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Wobble Dado Blade.jpg
Owner/Loaner: Hive13
Hive13 Asset Tag: None
Make/Model: Oldham Porter-Cable 7" Diameter, 16 teeth, 13/16" Widest dado (google)
Arrival Date: April 2015
Does it work?: Yes
Certification Needed?: No
Contact: user:Elly_Hall
Floorplan: 2D


James Hartely donated this wobble style dado blade to the hive. It has 16 teeth with a positive rake angle (not sure if this is suitable for the radial arm saw). It is 7"in diameter and can cut up to a 13/16" wide dado. The blade is located on the table saw cabinet.


Wobble Dado Blade Unstacked

As shown this blade set has 5 components: the blade, two rings for the right side (standard) and two rings for the left side (metric). The rings are stacked on top of each other accordingly and then placed on the appropriate side of the blade. To make adjustments of dado size, turn the outer ring on either side and line the mark up with the size you want. It may take several test cuts and adjustments to get the dado the right size, as wobble blades are not extremely accurate. This blade seems to favor cutting dados that are slightly smaller than the setting indicated on the dial.

When installing blade to saw, make sure to use only the nut (not the concave washer that is used on singular blades). All 5 pieces of the wobble dado blade when installing. Remove the blade guard/splitter, and use the dado insert.

Dado Blade in Insert


  • You must use the insert made for the dado blade. The insert that comes with the saw is not wide enough, and if used will result in damage to the insert, as well as destroying the blade (and possibly harming yourself as well).
  • Use all 5 pieces to the set when installing the blade. This is the only way to install it properly.
  • When cutting against the grain expect some tear out around your dado. Wobble blades cut very smoothly with the grain, but the nature of how they cut makes cross cuts rougher.
  • Always use a push block and push stick when feeding your piece through the dado blade. There are no paws to catch your material in case of kick back. You will also be pushing down on your material VERY close to or over the blade.
  • Never set the blade height higher than your material thickness. In other words, never cut all the way through your material with the dado set. Other blades are for that purpose.