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Hive13 Project
Wood Workbench Project Webpage
Status: Complete
Start Date: 11/1/2016

At the November1, 2016 member meeting, soon-to-be Wood Shop Area Warden member Andrew proposed to lead an effort to make a wood workbench as a Hive project. The membership voted 'YES' that night and authorized to fund the materials cost with a $750 budget.

Basic design is a split top Roubo style wood working bench. Primarily made from pine to keep the costs down, with the expectation of use and abuse. All vises were faced in maple, and there's an oak tool holder down the center of the table.

Primary purpose for this bench was to provide a large variety of ways to hold wood while it's being worked on. To this end there are three vises, a front vise, tail vise, and a leg vise. The leg vise also interacts with a dead man, allowing large panels to be easy held and worked by a single person.

Original plan: File:Workbench.pdf

Some minor variation from that plan including make it narrower, reducing the two halves from 18" each to 12".


Here we can clearly see the tail vise and leg vise, with dead man.


Second shot of the leg vise, at this point the epoxy had just been used to glue it together.


Back of the workbench, where the front vise can be seen.

The project was declared done on December 15, 2016 at a final cost of $615, which is $135 under budget. A break down of the cost, for those that may be interested, is shown in this [1].