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  • 3x8 fixed workbench
  • 4x5 mobile workbench

Two 3x8 workbenches should be under construction within the next two weeks.


Previously we had a dearth of places to work on projects. Currently we essentially have the following workspaces:

  1. The bar counter
  2. The kitchen table
  3. 3x Small tables
  4. The large wrap-around work bench.
  5. 3x 9' & 1x 6' Classroom tables from UC surplus

Each of these workspaces however has some issue.

  1. The corner desk is great for private projects, but is not very conducive to group projects. Also, only one person can use it at a time.
  2. The bar counter is just that, a bar counter. It is not very conveniently placed to work on projects on.
  3. Its a kitchen table, not exactly the best place to be doing work.
  4. 3x Small tables. These tables are heavy and very sturdy, but they also have a finished top on them that is easy to mar. Great for small projects, but not that good for anything heavy duty.
  5. The wrap-around work bench. It is covered with carpet and is being used as our shelves right now. Once we build some shelves this will open up a little bit.

I think we should build some 4x8 work tables that we don't mind if the surface gets an occasional nail driven into it, or a drill slips and goes through the surface. We could put power plugs under the edges for convient access. Maybe mount a vice on it, you name it.

Project Manager

  • Somebody?


Project Status

This project is currently active. First new bench should be finished in early Feb. 2011.

Project Needs

  • table legs for the doors - cjdavis plans to build
  • masonite / MDF for doors and 4x8 bench - cjdavis plans to purchase

Project Updates


Jason Bailey purchased plans, wood, and hardware for a large 4x8 workbench and brought them in. After the board meeting, he Davis and Chris Anderson cut all the needed parts. Turns out plans based on standard lumber might be less work. Currently planning begin assembly Tuesday 2/1/2011 after the business meeting.

Chris Davis also took a look at the table legs that Ikea has. Turns out the model they use for their workstations is perfect - but they dont sell those. Lame.


Dave Menninger and Chris Davis Glued up and assembled the legs for the 4x8 workbench. We realized that the 4x8 top we have is chip board, which will not be durable - we need masonite or MDF. Also drilled the boards that will mount the wheels. cjdavis procurred a batch of 1.25" wood screws for further assembly.


Chris Davis with help from Dave Blundell and reportingsjr assembled the frame and one skinning panel of the top. Trimmed it down with the table saw, which is a mistake - much too unwieldy and too easy to bind up the blade. Will use a circular saw on the other side. Will use a router for final trim of the surfaces.

Also brought in several sheets of masonite of random sizes for work surfaces.


Glued up the second surface of the top, and routed the first side - worked quite nicely. Just need a scraper for the excess glue.

Dave Blundell brought in the pieces of a ~3'x8' bench, we intend to assemble it where the metal lathe is currently sitting - it will be attached to the wall for stability.


Reassembled Dave's 3x8 bench in bay 2D. Having a wall and floor skinned in plywood made that easy to make it very solid.


Finished Jason's big bench completely. Very nice. Also added power strips to the 3x8 bench.