Working with Young Makers

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Hive13 Code of Conduct – Working with Young Makers Under 18 Years of Agenteers working with Children

Follow this code of conduct to safeguard young makers involved in any Hive13 activity. Remember, you have both a position of trust and responsibility to act in accordance with this Code. This code of conduct will reduce the likelihood of any misinterpretations of your actions.

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Be Excellent to Each Other.
  • Understand what you must do to protect the health, safety and welfare of young makers.
  • Your behavior influences others, set high standards of behavior and appearance.

Secure permission slips from parents for participation of Young Makers Be professional and maintain professional boundaries with all Young Makers.

  • Never spend time alone with young makers out of sight of others at Hive13 or in a car.
  • Never take Young Makers to your home.
  • Never engage in rough, physical or sexual provocative or inappropriate touching or abuse.
  • Never make sexual suggestive comments to a Young Maker, even in fun.
  • Do not allow allegations made by a Young Maker to go unchallenged, unrecorded or ignored.
  • Allegations or disclosures of child protection issues must be reported on.
  • Do not do things for a young maker they can do for themselves.
  • Do not contact young makers individually via Facebook or other non-Hive13 social media.
  • Avoid favoritism and special friendships.
  • Do not take pictures of young makers without parental permission and model release.

Sexual relationships with anyone under 18 in your care is an intolerable abuse of trust

This code of conduct protects the young makers we work with, you individually and Hive13 as an organization, by reducing the risks of working with young makers. Any breach of the code of conduct may lead to disciplinary action being taken. Serious breaches may result in a referral to Police or Social Services. All Hive13 members are expected to report any breach to